Lana Del Rey Was Almost Featured On The ‘Priscilla’ Soundtrack

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Director Sofia Coppola revealed that alternative singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey almost landed a featured song on the “Priscilla” soundtrack. The singer is known for her smooth contemporary crooner method of singing, layered over lyrics regarding the complexities on some of the most storied figures in American pop culture.

Del Rey previously landed an early career feature on “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack with “Young And Beautiful,” and fans thought she would be the perfect fit for the A24 film’s soundtrack. Coppola clarified in an interview with E News that she hoped to incorporate the singer’s work in the film’s soundtrack, and that she was invited to the premiere. Neither worked out due to Del Rey’s touring schedule.

Fans have long pointed out that the singer’s retro aesthetic bears a striking similarity to some of the real Priscilla Presley‘s most iconic looks.

The soundtrack for “Priscilla” is notably to feature none of Elvis Presley’s music, as it is meant to focus on Priscilla’s perspective of the relationship. Coppola confirmed that the film is based almost entirely upon Presley’s memoir “Elvis and Me,” which chronicled the couple’s marriage and subsequent divorce. The couple famously met when the late singer was 24 to Priscilla’s 14. The critical look at the age gap is allegedly the reason for the estate’s lack of approval in utilizing any of Elvis’ music in the film.

(Original Caption) Las Vegas, Nevada, Entertainer, Elvis Presley cuts wedding cake with his bride, the former Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, May 1, 1967.
(Original Caption) Las Vegas, Nevada, Entertainer, Elvis Presley cuts wedding cake with his bride, the former Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, May 1, 1967.


As of now, the soundtrack is confirmed to predominantly include music from French indie rock band Phoenix, of which Coppola’s husband Thomas Mars is lead singer.


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Fans of Del Rey were disappointed to see that her schedule did not line up with creating music for the much anticipated film. Outside of the singer’s featured track in “The Great Gatsby,” the singer has also had music on the “Maleficent” soundtrack.

Despite the initial disappointment, some fans of both the singer and the director hold out hope that they will still collaborate on a future project, as their visual aesthetics compliment each other well. Del Rey is known for crafting unique visual landscapes associated with her albums.

Del Rey has previously referenced a Presley song in her own music. The phrase “one for the money, two for the show” originally appears in the latter’s “Blue Suede Shoes,” and also appears in Del Rey’s 2012 song “Million Dollar Man.” The lyrical parallel inspired a number of viral TikTok trends this year reflecting upon the historical throughline.



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♬ One for the money – Star

The singer is yet to comment on “Priscilla,” or a future collaboration with Coppola, at this time. The film hits theaters nationwide today, starring Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi in its titular roles.

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