This is giving us Summertime Sadness

Have you ever heard of a faux mask? The ‘Summertime Sadness’ queen herself, Lana Del Rey, was caught pulling a Karen this past weekend while wearing one. She was spotted wearing, quite possibly, the most pointless mask known to man–something out of the “How To Karen” book. Del Rey was at a book signing event in Los Angeles when she decided to sport a rather fashionable but irresponsible mask made of netting and mesh. The simple, sparkling champagne mask was a sight to behold, and stay 6-feet away from. Her decision caused a lot of controversy and the internet was upset. Twitter was quick to call out the irresponsible nature of the mask and hold Lana Del Rey as an example to other celebrities. People are worried this is more than a fashion mistake, but Lana Del Rey presenting herself as an…’Anti-Masker,’ and they are not ready to let go of their favorite singer yet.

Twitter’s Reaction

Twitter obviously jumped on the news immediately and was quick to eat it up. Fans were feeling mixed emotions that were met with memes, song references, and sadness.

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The coronavirus memes flooded the internet as well. How is a netted mask supposed to keep anything from spreading? Basic science here.

Exposing Fans

It is bad enough to expose yourself to COVID-19, but going as far as to expose your fans? That’s just cruel. People from all over Southern California, traveled and waited to see Lana Del Rey at the book signing only to be met by exposing themselves to the virus. Fans were not aware she was going to be sporting this mask, and after driving hours to see her, most were still going to get their pictures taken with the singer–This is not fair to anyone.

Apparently, the book signing got shut down by the health department when there were too many people in the store, and no one was staying six feet apart. Where were her and the store’s managers when this was all going down?

The recklessness shown is astounding and people are disappointed, but not everyone.

On the other side of the argument is that fans knew the meet and greet was probably going to be filled with a large crowd, and they still chose to put themselves in danger.

Some Fans Threw Caution Out the Window

Some people just did not care all that much and were willing to expose themselves for the sake of meeting Lana. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many to meet their favorite singer. Would you have gone?

Is She a Karen?

They were quick to compare the Lana Del Rey to the ‘Karens’ who go ignorant lengths to defy mask orders. The ‘Ultraviolence’ singer’s photos prove to be a little too close to the Karen pictures, as seen below:

While some fans were disappointed by her choice, and the nature of the event, some fans were just disappointed they did not get to meet Lana Del Rey when the Health Department shut everything down.

Lead By Example

While you should not follow Lana’s lead, other celebrities have been great examples of how you should wear a mask, and they were pretty stylish too.

Look how cute Mindy Kaling looks in hers: I mean… “Fashion Show! Fashion Show!”

Would you look at that… over the nose!


In conclusion, it really is not that hard to wear a mask and respect others during this pandemic. The quicker you cooperate, the sooner you don’t ever have to look at a mask again.

This should act a reminder that Coronavirus is a real and dangerous reality that we live in. According to the CDC, to avoid COVID-19, we should wash our hands regularly, wear masks, and stay 6-feet apart from one another. Avoid crowded environments, work from home when you can, and do not associate with those you do not regularly live with. For mask to be effective, it should be made out of a “tightly woven fabric” and worn over your mouth AND nose. This chic design that Lana wore was definitely not CDC recommended.

While you may not have symptoms of Coronavirus, you could spread the disease to others who could experience much worse symptoms leading to death. It is irresponsible to expose yourself and others for the sake of a picture. Be smart and do the right thing.