The Only Leather Jacket Buying Guide You Need To Read Today

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A quality leather jacket is a perfect wardrobe essential for any male. Its versatility and durability make it a perfect apparel investment for the long run. That said, choosing a great leather jacket could be challenging. This is because there are many options available. But we’ve got your back! This article will walk you through the various aspects to consider when purchasing an authentic leather jacket. Take a look. 


You should ensure that the shoulder seams on your jacket match your shoulder point. It simply won’t do the trick if they are too high or too low.Next is to check the armholes. Just as the shoulders, the armholes must be as high as they can be. The larger the armhole, the better it will fit. The narrower the armhole is, the jacket will constantly be moving. The jacket sleeves must rest at the base of your wrist, above your palm, or on the bottom of your thumb. The sleeves’ width should not be too tight but not too loose. It should be possible to lift both arms comfortably.


As you’ll likely be making numerous appearances wearing your chic leather jacket, it’s crucial to pick shades that match your style. If you are not comfortable in a tan leather jacket, you can wear a mens black leather jacket or espresso brown jacket. If you’re okay with the bright colors, kick your style to the next level with an orange leather jacket!


Classic biker jackets, cafe racers, flight jackets, and bombers are the most popular jacket styles to choose from. Other trendy styles include trench coats, windbreakers, coats, and vests.From the traditional to the current and beyond, there’s an assortment of both styles, often called hybrids. They can be a combination of two leather jackets. Think about all the occasions you will need to wear this coat for. Here are some designs to pick from.

Biker Jacket

A biker jacket has zippers, long flaps, and buttons. They are generally black and designed for bikers.

Bomber Jacket


You can give a sporty look to your outfit by wearing a bomber jacket. It is perfect for all and allows you to stand out. The basic style features an easy-to-wear silhouette. The collar is made of additional fabric to keep cold air away.

Racing Jacket

The racer jacket is an incredibly versatile jacket with zippers that will instantly boost your style. 


Whatever design you pick, your leather jacket must finish at the waistline regardless of your style. A long leather jacket will look shapeless – something you don’t want.


The other factor to consider is the grading or kind of leather. Full-grain leather, top-grain leather, and authentic leather.The whole hide is used to create the full-grain hides in their original condition characterized by marks, scars, and patterns that are not changed. It is durable, ages with time, and is more expensive because only the finest high-quality hides. Top-grain leather is softer and more flexible than the full-grain and stays the same throughout its lifetime. While it is not practical, top-grain leather produces the most fashionable jackets, where appearance is the primary aspect.


Semi-aniline and aniline are the terms you will encounter when researching a leather jacket’s finishing.Aniline leather is preserved in its original form, with all imperfections and marks. It is more costly, but it is prone to damage caused by sunlight and water. Semi-aniline leather is lightly colored to remove imperfections and marks, and it’s more durable than aniline.


Final Word

The tips we’ve shared should help you make a better decision when purchasing an authentic leather jacket. The fit, color, and style must suit your needs and personality.

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