Lia Marie Johnson Reveals Addiction Journey in New Video

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YouTuber and Kids React alum Lia Marie Johnson has returned to YouTube with a new video about addiction, her sobriety, and that creepy viral Instagram live. The 26-year-old musician reveals the dark side of being internet famous at 14 and moving to LA.

The video, titled “This is my story”, has gained over 2 million views with many people praising Johnson for her bravery in speaking about her life.

“My story has been misconstrued, exploited, [and] sensationalized but now I’m taking my narrative back,” she says.
After moving to LA by herself at 17, Johnson began partying and experimenting with drugs and alcohol. This started a cycle of working hard in the entertainment world and then partying even harder. Johnson details being in two abusive relationships that prompted her to go “off the deep end”. She does not reveal the identities of either abuser.

In 2019, while stuck in an abusive relationship and dropped from Capitol Records, she started going on Instagram Live intoxicated. These Lives were shared everywhere on social media.
“It was the downfall of all I had worked for in my life. It was a cry for help. And people did try to help but nobody knew I was being abused and my story got twisted and I was still all alone,” she explains.
The perception of Johnson on the Internet was not kind.  Former Kids React members commented about her social media presence saying she was “in her cokehead stage”.

One Instagram Live in 2020 went viral of Johnson intoxicated in a recording studio with an older man. Johnson reveals that she had been newly sober and her producer coerced her to get drunk and then tried to take advantage of her.

Things didn’t look up for Johnson until she moved in with a friend and her family. She attributes her sobriety to their support and love.
“The one thing that saved me was love. Real love. That’s why I’m here because love is so powerful. Love is the reason I’m alive”.


The video has received massive amounts of support for Johnson from both fans and fellow YouTubers like Ricky Dillion.

Johnson now resides in the UK with her partner and is releasing new music.

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