Why Live Casino Games Are Trending Right Now

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The global downturn has been brutal for many industries, and land casinos were hit particularly hard. With players unable to visit in person, many turned to online play as an alternative.

Online casino games such as slots, poker and roulette have been around for years, but a relatively new trend captured the public’s imagination: live play.

Live casino games provide the convenience of playing at home while also offering the exciting atmosphere of a land casino. Seemingly the best of both worlds, their popularity has rocketed. Even as the world is gradually opening back up, the trend for live casino games has stuck. Here’s a look at why they’re such a hit with players.

What Are Live Casino Games?

Online casinos mean you can play your choice of games, wherever you are, with different options available at every casino. Traditionally this has been a solo endeavour, but live casino games have changed that.

Streamed live from dedicated locations, live casino games have a dealer and allow you to interact in real-time. On-screen, you’ll see a live dealer who could be spinning the wheel, dealing cards or just generally facilitating the play. With music and chat, live casino games have a real-life atmosphere with players at home able to interact via chat boxes.

There are many options to play poker, blackjack or roulette with live dealers, but there is an increasing number of other games available. The popular live casino choice, Crazy Time has been a particular hit, with players spinning a money wheel to win cash prizes or enter bonus games.

The popularity of live casino play means that there are currently many different games available, with the selection expected to continue to increase.


Why Are Live Casino Games So Popular?

Part of the fun of a land casino is the atmosphere inside and being around other players. Live casino games online replicate this set-up, connecting you with other casino enthusiasts and making it more of a social activity.

In the same way that you might have favourite dealers at a land casino, you might also have favourite hosts online. The online hosts are all professional dealers and skilled at making game-play seem fun and encouraging interaction. The live chat is one of the biggest attractions of live casinos, and it’s a great way to enjoy company if you’re spending a night at home alone. Over the past year or so, these games have helped people to maintain personal connections, despite being isolated.

Unlike a land casino, it’s often possible to customize online play according to your personal preferences. What’s available depends on each casino and game, but with cutting edge technology in use, there’s an increasing number of specifications on offer.

You won’t need to wait for a seat at a popular table in the same way you might in a land casino. Other than certain games of blackjack, access is instant, so you can join any live dealer game that you want. There are many benefits to live casino games, and there’s no sign of interest dwindling. And in the near future, there may be even more exciting developments to live play. Virtual or Augmented reality is starting to be rolled out, with the technology rapidly improving. It may be possible to play live casino games at home in the not-too-distant future and feel exactly as if you really are in a bricks and mortar casino.

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