What and How: Live Casino Technology

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By Andy Lalwani

Live casino games have become incredibly popular in the last few years as players continue to seek out the most realistic experiences possible when they are playing some of their favored games.

Indeed, with the ability to play games such as poker, roulette and blackjack all via the comfort of their own home or whilst on the move, the live casino experience is one that continues to take over and provide bettors with the experiences that they have been looking for as they look to use an online casino real money can be won from.

Of course, there is plenty of technology that goes into ensuring that live casino games work and provide that realistic feeling.

What technology is used in live casino games?

One certain piece of technology required is the optical character recognition (OCR) software. This piece of technology continues to pick up plenty of traction across a wide array of different industries, however it has been a crucial component in providing a real live casino experience.

OCR software is able to track the symbols that are on the playing cards that might be used, whilst it can also track the numbers that appear on the roulette wheel that has been spinning. The main aim of this software is to allow for winners to be announced via the information that it has been able to gather as quickly as possible.

The use of powerful cameras is also another element provided to those who use live online casinos. These pieces of kit will allow users to feel as close to the action as possible, as the players will be able to feel as though they are playing at a physical table from the monitor of their device.

Of course, the best live casino games will implement a number of these powerful cameras to give the user the best live casino experience possible, as each and every angle and perspective is essentially covered.

The game control unit is a key piece of live casino technology as this has the ability to make sure the game is delivered to players as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Each table that players will sit at will have a game control unit that takes care of all the coding aspects, thus providing a live stream in optimum condition and without any delay.

A studio monitor is just a vital piece of equipment for the live casino as it is for players. The studio monitor will allow for a dealer to be able to see all the messages that are written in a live chat box and will be able to provide them with some interaction; just as a dealer can when players are stood at a casino table in a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment.

Humans are just as important

The last key component of any live casino game is from a human element, though. Although many may not initially consider it to be ‘technology’, live dealers are individuals that help to make games run and as well as they can, whilst also keeping a sense of entertainment and realism to the game being played, as well.

As they are in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, these dealers will be professionally trained and of a friendly nature, thus helping players to continue to experience the best version of the live casino game as much as they possibly can.


Indeed, there is plenty of different pieces of technology that go into providing players with a top gameplay experience when providing a live casino game offering. Each of the aspects outlined are as important as each other, as it could be argued that if just one of those components is missing, then the whole experience will be far from being the best one that can be provided.