Lizzo Dance Captain Shirlene Quigley Speaks Out On Lawsuit

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Last week, two former dancers on Grammy winning pop star Lizzo‘s last tour filed a lawsuit against her. The lawsuit contained several shocking claims, including the singer allegedly forcing the dancers to eat bananas out of strip club performers’ genital areas, body shaming them, and more. Separate from the allegations against the singer, the dancers also allege harassment and body shaming at the hands of dance captain Shirlene Quigley.

After an internet storm reacted with shock to the lawsuit against Lizzo, much of whose music and brand revolves around body positivity and acceptance, Quigley has chosen to speak out. The professional dancer continues to deny the allegations against herself and Lizzo.

Notably, Quigley was also accused of constantly attempting to convert her dancers to Christianity. Additionally, the dancer and choreographer was accused of discussing a dancer’s virginity in front of the group, and speaking about her own sexual fantasies in front of all of the dancers. Prior to the statement, the dance captain posted a brief video reaffirming her Christianity.

Social Media Reactions

Several TikTok creators are revisiting Quigley’s resume for answers. Quigley has danced for several of the most acclaimed artists in pop music, including Rihanna and Beyoncé. The dancer previously went missing mid-tour, and was later confirmed to have been found in an alleged manic state in New Jersey, where she entered mental health treatment.

Quigley was previously engaged to musician Tayla Parx. Following the breakup, which is alleged to have taken place between 2021 and 2022, Quigley turned to Christianity and began preaching against premarital sex. Given this timeline of events, some suspect that a church could have taken advantage of Quigley when she was mentally vulnerable.


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Others are revisiting several of the dancer’s previous podcast appearances and social media posts amid her continued denial of the rumors.


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Outside of the revelations surrounding Quigley, former directors and creative directors have come out with negative stories against Lizzo. Additionally, digital creator Brooklyn Elizabeth Brown came out with a story about how her ex-boyfriend of ten years, comedian Myke Wright, allegedly cheated on her with Lizzo, who he is currently still in a relationship with.


As far as I know they are still together. I wish them peace and happiness.

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Few celebrities have spoken in support of Lizzo. Electric dance-pop artist Grimes spoke up for the singer, and her character continues to be questioned due to her longterm relationship with X CTO Elon Musk. Musk has been known for his controversial code of ethics throughout his many endeavors in tech.


Others continue to assert that they will not jump to conclusions until the lawsuit reaches court.

A date, time, and location for the upcoming trial are yet to be set at this time.

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