Logan Paul is Facing Backlash from Zayn Malik Fans

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After Logan Paul had former One Direction member Liam Payne on his podcast and discussed the band mates in detail, the two have faced controversy. In specifics, Paul and Payne faced controversy for comments about Malik and how he was raised. Now, Paul faces backlash again from fans after discussing Malik, and his culture, and even says that he beat Gigi Hadid’s mom.


This time, Paul is on the Flagrant podcast, and the conversation delves into Malik again. They began discussing the Liam Payne episode, where one of the podcast hosts is asked if he knows any of the other members of One Direction. To this, he responds he knows the one that “beats up Gigi Hadid or whatever.” This refers to Malik, who had been accused by Hadid’s mother of verbally harassing her. Many found this inappropriate, as there were never incidents or accusations of physical abuse. But, it only got worse from here, as Paul continued on with the false accusations as a joke, and the same host later made a joke about Malik facing the direction of “Mecca” which makes fun of his culture.

And although Payne did not face the brunt of this controversy, since he was not actively involved, some felt that since Payne discussed this so openly on Paul’s podcast, he encouraged and made him feel like he could discuss this. Others, however, still focused on Paul’s comments and encouragement of the podcast when it came to making claims that Malik had beat Hadid or her mother. This also becomes a problem as the allegations of physical abuse are not only false, it reiterates a belief that those who practice Islam are inherently violent. Although Malik is no longer a practicing Muslim, some believe this still pushed a harmful stereotype.


One person commented that after Payne made comments about the way Malik was raised and his upbringing, this gives other podcasters, including Paul, a”hole Liam has opened up to let people talk about Zayn’s life is disgusting” as one person on Twitter defines it. “So being racist, culturally insensitive, and laughing about domestic violence? Men should stop being allowed to have podcasts,” another person wrote. Logan Paul even addressed the controversy he found himself in, as a hashtag saying that Logan Paul is “over” began to trend.

He joked that Charlie Puth, who was never a member of the band, is his favorite member of the band, probably referencing the fact that he didn’t know a lot about One Direction when he had Payne on, which he mentioned in this recent episode of the Flagrant podcast. Many, however, were not laughing. “So instead of addressing the racism and Islamaphobia that was said on your podcast you make a joke about what the hashtag was actually meant for which was calling you out on your behavior seems like you haven’t changed since 2018,” one person responded.

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