Lorde Shushing Fans At Her Concerts Has Gone Viral In Memes

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Various compilations of singer Lorde have gone viral on TikTok and Twitter of her shushing people at her concerts while she sings “Writer in the Dark”. The original clip is actually a throwback, so its resurgence is due to her being on tour right now for her newest album “Solar Power”. “Writer in the Dark” is 100% one of the most emotional songs from “Melodrama”, her album from 2017. While on tour this year, she has actually performed the song a few times and made the executive decision to perform it acapella.

Because of this, she would shush the audience members that were way too eager to sing along so everyone could hear her and only her sing. The compilations are of quite a few videos of Lorde adamantly shushing the crowd by putting her finger up to her mouth all while singing her song.TikTokers have even gone as far as imitating the videos and making their own versions and takes on what has now become known as “shushgate”.


One user posted a video saying “I was openly a lorde fan but not anymore. I have to stan her in secret. If I tell people I listen to Lorde, they’re just gonna bring up her shushing the crowd during writer in the dark and I can’t handle it. I get way too much second-hand embarrassment. I love her but I can’t be caught when she’s only known for that video now.”


i’m the biggest lorde defender here

♬ call the cawpppss on meh – intrusive



On the other hand, another user posted a video in favor of Lorde’s decision to shush the crowd, saying “say what you want ab Lorde shushing the crowd, she was so right for that. No one should ever sing over Lorde, especially so terribly off-key to a beautiful and deep song, she should have quieted them earlier. People making fun of her just don’t understand.” Lorde’s fans are all giving mixed reviews to the concept and it’s entertaining to see all of the perspectives as they trickle in over time.

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