Louis CK Returns To Stand-Up, Many Argue It Is Too Soon

By Alex Firer
Louis CK's surprise return to the Comedy Cellar on Sunday night has people wondering if it is too soon for the comedian, accused of sexual assault, to be making a comeback.

The most common joke on Twitter regarding the return of Louis CK to the stage is that– you think he would learn not to give a “performance” without people’s consent. It’s a joke that betrays the truth of the matter: the public was not completely ready for a Louis CK return, yet that is exactly what they got when Louis CK dropped in for a surprise fifteen minute set at the New York club, The Comedy Cellar on Sunday night. What’s striking is that CK, a comedian so known for his honesty and self deprecation, did not at all mention the elephant in the room, i.e., the various sexual assaults he has admitted to. Instead, according to the New York Times article that broke the news, his set was described as “typical Louis CK material”.

However, his return has raised questions: is it soon enough for him to come back, and the answer from Twitter seems to be conflicted, with users erring on the side of “no” to “absolutely not”. CK, lest we need a refresher, was accused by five women of trapping them and making them watch him masturbate. His manager, Dave Becky, then proceeded to threaten the victims into not speaking out against Louis CK’s sexual assaults. So again, after sexually assaulting women, CK was then complicit in the career destruction of these women.

So, the question remains… should CK return? The answer is an overwhelming – what the hell is happening here, why is he back so soon! Even those, like Rhea Butcher, who think that CK should eventually make a return were flabbergasted that he made one not even a full year after the allegations broke.



One comedian who seemed happy for Louis CK to return was comedian Michael Ian Black. Michael Ian Black engaged with people in his @ reply, most of whom were disgusted with his take, and also showing he was not aware about Dave Becky going out of his way to harm the careers of the women, as he himself admitted in a statement in this Huffington Post article, which claimed that he thought the issue was a matter of infidelity. Meanwhile Gawker has been discussing this in blind items as far back as 2012.





Louis CK’s return seems to be part of a trend, of the men implicated in the #MeToo movement making their returns. Chris Hardwick sort of bullied his way back into the spotlight and on his show “Talking Dead” mere weeks after his ex-girlfriend accused him of rape and abuse. Matt Lauer, whose button under the desk was meant to lock the door behind women to allow him to sexually assault them, was hinting at a return to television.Tj Miller’s been chugging along as if nothing happened. Aziz Ansari was reported, in a post now suspiciously taken down, from Vulture.com, of performing a set as well. Like Louis CK’s, the post did not address the elephant in the room, i.e., the sexual assault accusations from a few months back. Comedy journalist Seth Simons has screengrabs from the article.

People are not sure right now what is the proper way to move forward. However, until justice is done for the victims, and the careers that were ruined in the wake of the actions of these men are righted, then our concern for the Louis CKs of the world should be secondary.


But what do you think? Should Louis CK return less then a year after the allegations broke? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.