‘Mae Martin: Sap’ Netflix Standup Special Receives Praise on Social Media for Calling Out Dave Chapelle and More

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The latest one hour special Sap from comedian and standup Mae Martin hit home with audiences online. Martin, known for their semi autobiographical show ‘Feel Good’, told audiences at the Netflix Tudum theater that the collaboration with Abbi Jacobson was something never done before in their career history.

In the special, the 35-year-old drops the likes of those like Dave Chapelle, who have been slammed for their use of transgender ‘jokes’ in his own special on the streaming giant. The comedian claims he was recently a victim of cancel culture despite winning a Grammy and even hosting shows like Saturday Night Live. Others Martin calls out include Ricky Gervais and even Joe Rogan who have made jokes at LGBTQ people.

Originally, Martin tried to get their message out about the comedian without dropping names, but they felt they were being too “coy.”

“I feel confident about what I’m saying, so I might as well just name them,” Martin stated. “It’s easy to dismiss queer people as being constantly up in arms about something. But with the legislation, we’re seeing such terrifying real-life consequences.

“They’re things that affect everybody – there’s such a parallel between trans rights and bodily autonomy for women and all kinds of things that I think it’s time we all got involved a little bit. […] But it’s also a very crucial time to present a counterargument to the very loud people with huge platforms who are weighing in in bad faith about things that have real-life consequences,” they continued.


Martin has hoped that this special will help with the endless debate of transgender people as well.

“It’s a very difficult tone to hit because I do care about it so deeply, and could so easily rant for hours about how annoyed I am,” the Feel Good star said.

“So if it’s in any way helpful for people to see someone speaking about their lived experience and cutting through the endless debate about whether trans people deserve to be happy, then hopefully it’s worth it.”

In the end, the comedian admits that this special really isn’t for Chapell, Gervais or even Louis C.K. but instead the audiences who relate to Martin. Sap reflects on stories from finding childhood youth, unfortunate circumstances everyone can relate to, and even finding happiness within yourself.

Mae Martin: Sap is now streaming on Netflix.


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