Man Claims He Lost Virginity to Beautiful Alien in the 60’s

74 year old David Huggins painted a memory of losing his virginity to an alien in 1961 and claims to have fathered thousands of alien babies. He now paints his experiences
By Alex Firer

74 year old David Huggins painted a memory of losing his virginity to an alien in 1961.

Huggins grew up on a farm in rural Georgia, and claims he had been seeing extraterrestrials since he was eight. But lo and behold, when he was 17, he was approached and seduced by an alien woman in the woods by his house. The testimonial was documented in the film Love and Saucers, which is surprisingly not a porn film, but rather a documentary about you guessed it sex with aliens.

In it, Huggins shows his paintings of the encounters and tells his story with matter-of-fact certainty. The film interviews his friends and neighbors, who all believe him. Huggins has on to do more interviews about the encounter, and it turns out there’s much more to the story.

Huggins has named the alien who seduced him Crescent and he claims they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

In fact, he claims he’s fathered hundreds of alien babies. He said-

“My relationship with Crescent was warm and friendly. A little strange. What do I mean, a little. Very strange. She was my girlfriend, really. A very unconventional relationship.”

When Vice caught up with Huggins, he that his last encounter with Crescent was just six months ago. Though, the memories of his alien encounters have just recently come to the forefront of his mind.

Huggins had moved away from Georgia to attend art school in New York City and repressed the memories until he read the book Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods, which triggered his memories. He was overcome with fear until he got a message from the aliens telling him to paint his encounters.

Since then, he’s painted over 150 portraits of his memories. He said – “I have a feeling that tens of millions of people, perhaps hundreds of millions, have had [similar] experiences. Mainly as children. That’s all I can really say, but I think as children we are so open to things, that these beings can appear to us. I know I never closed up on it, because it has continued through my whole life.”

But Huggins is not the first one to claim to have had sex with an alien.

Author Nigel Watson said that the first documented sexual encounters with aliens happened in the 1957. It was experienced by Antonio Villas Boas in South America. Antonio claimed he was dragged inside a flying saucer and forced to have sexual intercourse with a beautiful alien woman. When he left, she pointed at her stomach, at him and then at the sky, implying she would have his child somewhere in outer space.

Skeptics however claim these experiences are likely to be the product of sleep paralysis, where people are unable to discern the difference between fantasy and reality.

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