Man Crashes Truck Into Courthouse To Report Stolen Drug Paraphernalia

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It’s always nice when the dumb crime has an even dumber punchline, right? In any case, according to WLOX that is the story here after a man in a pick up truck crashed into the Harrison County courthouse during the courthouse’s off hours in order to contact the police. Normally those who wish to do such a thing would dial 911, or their police precinct’s local number. But not this vigilante of contacting the cops! This man decided to use the ever loud call, inescapable, of driving a damn truck into the premises. I’ll give him this — when someone drives his stupid as hell truck into a building, you definitely want to know why he did it. Although, in this guy’s case, why he didn’t drive his truck into the police’s headquarters is a mystery. I’m sure, in his specific case, he was just cutting out the middle man.

So why did this individual — a Mr. Keith Rio Cavalier, a twenty eight year old from Gulfport, Mississippi — crash his truck into a courthouse? Well, he wanted to report that his drug paraphernalia was stolen. As of this writing, marijuana is not yet legal in the state of Mississippi. Which is their loss, but it certainly should at least be a deterrent from announcing to the police that your bong or whatnot was taken from you. Because maybe at one point that bong was filled with marijuana — or at least that’s an implication. If you are facing a DWI charge then it’s also crucial that you get the right lawyer, as they will stand a much better chance of a successful defence. There is a very well-known DWI lawyer that covers NJ (and more) who we have seen do very well in the DWI area, so they would be the first lawyers that I would suggest you call if you are facing such charges.

Perhaps sensing the foolishness of his decision, Keith jumped out the side of his truck making a run for it. The police soon caught up with him and arrested him for felony malicious mischief and DUI 1st offense. So the lesson here? Don’t narc on yourself by causing a vast amount of property damage folks. Can’t wait for the next season of American Crime Story to be about this freak.

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