Man Who Jumped Off Flight 5356 Blames Crystal Meth Now Facing 20 Years

Dominguez faces 20 years for his determination to reach Salt Lake City
By Christian McBride
Victoria Dominguez leaps from plane

A passenger on flight 5356 headed to Salt Lake City, Utah charged forward at the cockpit late Friday afternoon. Luis Antonio Victoria Dominguez 33, of La Paz, Mexico told his passengers next to him that he “planned to jump from the plane”. Dominguez dashed to the front attempting to breach the cockpit when flight attendants attempted to stop him. He abruptly pushed them out of the way where he then opened the emergency exit and proceeded to jump out of the plane. Dominguez was detained and sent to the hospital for minor injuries. Once apprehended he was arrested and taken into custody.

Dominguez told authorities, “He arrived at Lax on Tuesday hoping to get to Salt Lake City, but he didn’t have a connected flight laid out. So, he ended up getting a hotel in downtown Los Angeles where he spent $20 dollars on “a lot of crystal meth” and some brewskis according to FBI Investigators. The following day Dominguez hotel hopped where he continued to drink and smoke meth. He tried to grab a flight to Salt Lake City over the course of the next few days but he was so high that he kept missing them. Finally coming down off of the drugs he was able to catch his flight Friday afternoon to Salt Lake City (per NYPost).

As he sat in his seat and the plane was beginning to depart, he overheard someone say “this plane isn’t going to Salt Lake City”. This sent Dominguez into a frantic state still coming down from crystal meth. Assuming he thought he boarded the wrong flight that’s when all of the chaos began. Dominguez was attained by airport police and is now facing up to 20 years in jail if convicted for interfering with flight routine and possibly endangering other passengers.