Many Have Signed This Petition To Refuse Jeff Bezos’ Return to Earth

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Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, will be travelling to space soon. Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, announced the trip for him and his brother to travel to space in July; they will be the apart of the first crewed flight of the rocket New Shepard, which will also take a person who bid $28 million to also be on the flight. This has created controversy on both Twitter and TikTok.

The trip is scheduled shortly after Bezos will step down as CEO of Amazon. Many people have been fighting his return to Earth, which sounds like a joke, but has actually received 43,000 signatures on a petition that says “Do not allow Jeff Bezos to Return To Earth.”

The Internet’s Response

Many are discussing the ethics of being a billionaire when many are being paid low wages that make their life difficult and working in terrible working conditions.

On one of the petitions, the creator explains “Billionaire’s should not exist…on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter they should stay there.” Another petition, this one with 43,000 signatures entitled “Petition to not allow Jeff Bezos Re-Entry To Earth” notes that ” Jeff has worked with the Epsteins and the Knights Templar, as well as the Free Masons.” Combined, these petitions have over 60,000 signatures supporting the idea of not allowing Bezos to return. These petitions could be one of the top signed petitions if they were to reach their goals, signaling the passion many people feel towards Bezos and other billionaires as well.

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok of a group of people heckling Bezos with questions like “Hey Jeff, do you feel bad when your Amazon workers die in the warehouse sometimes?” Many people commented things hoping that this would inspire more teasing of billionaires. These different experiences surrounded Bezos on different parts of the internet highlight many’s dislike for Bezos and in general billionaires, as many feel as if the idea of being a billionaire is inherently evil or wrong.


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