Margaret Atwood Faces Many Critiques After Tweeting Article Asking Why We Can’t Say The Word “Woman.”

Many are divided on this recent article Margaret Atwood tweeted.
By Savannah Moss
@Margaret Atwood | Twitter

Author of the popular novel The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood has recently been criticized after she tweeted an article entitled “Why Can’t we Say ‘Woman’ Anymore?” by Rosie DiManno. The article discusses that they feel as if the word “woman” has been erased with nonspecific language concerning gender. This particular article and the argument inside has been criticized before as it discusses points that TERFs, meaning trans-exclusionary radical feminists, usually make. This is not the first time DiManno has been criticized.

Atwood, an outward and proud feminist, surprised many when she tweeted this article. Many were surprised and also upset that she had decided to support this author and article that dangerously mirrors anti-trans rhetoric. The main argument was that the word woman is being replaced with the word people, which many were quick to argue that this was not and has not ever been true, as the two words can still be used with different contexts.

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Many were confused that the author tweeted this, as her most popular book The Handmaid’s Tale, is a novel that fights against ideas that a woman is only connected to her uterus or the production of children. One who wrote this book would seem to be against the rhetoric used in the article, as the novel seems to want to point out that women are much more than their bodies or what their bodies can do.

Despite criticism, Atwood did not seem to take down her post or offer an explanation from why her beliefs do not fall in line with TERF’s beliefs.

She also defended the author directly, insisting that she was not a TERF but the opposite, containing to encourage people to read the article. Despite criticisms, Atwood remained firm in the beliefs of the article and did not seem to wary on her opinion.


Afterwards, Atwood continued to tweet out different articles of concern, such as women’s rights or climate change. The criticism did not seem to affect Atwood, who continued business as usual.