Martha Stewart Shows Off 30 Pies After Cancelling Thanksgiving Plans This Year

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Martha Stewart reminds everyone she is the queen of cooking even after cancelling Thanksgiving plans and baking numerous pies.

In an Instagram post shared right before the holiday, Stewart showed off the near 30 pies she baked instead of making a dinner this year.

“Finally finished two day pie marathon!!! baked thirty pies,” she wrote alongside the impressive pic. “Lemon curd, pecan, chocolate pecan, pumpkin and cranberry I haven’t tasted any of them yet but tomorrow I will report on taste and texture and appearance.”

“Hope you like the photos,” she continued. “The pies are all spoken for — gifts for my employees and their families for Thanksgiving.”


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Stewart previously told Kelly Clarkson on the singer’s titular talk show that she “gave up” on her Thanksgiving meal


“Oh, I gave up Thanksgiving. I canceled,” she told Clarkson on an episode that aired last week. She explained that she’d initially intended to host the meal, but nine of her guests canceled because someone got sick.

“So I decided, I called up my chef friend and I said, ‘We’re not doing Thanksgiving,’” Stewart said.

The star also told Clarkson at the time that she had to cook 15 turkeys on different shows and was ‘turkeyed out.”

Stewart explained that she planned to stop by several friends’ homes on the day instead to ‘taste different courses’ instead.

Once the news that Stewart had canceled her dinner, fans were shocked and the Thanksgiving icon had to take to her Instagram page to clear things up.


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“It’s not true that I gave up Thanksgiving! What I cancelled was the planned gathering at my house due to guest cancellations and new travel plans!” she wrote in a statement. “Instead, I am busy prepping to bake thirty pies — and I promised to bring a stuffed and roasted 20-pound organic, heritage bird to my friend Stephen Sill’s home to supplement the rest of his buffet.”

She also went on to add she is, “baking lemon tarts, cranberry tarts, chocolate pecan pies, pecan pies and pumpkin pies,” to share with her staff.

Stewart admitted that she was planning to stay home for a few days to do planting over Thanksgiving break and prepare her gardens for the winter.

“I hope that soon we will see an improvement in our world’s affairs and that there will be some resolution regarding the Ukraine-Russian conflict, and the Israeli-Palestinian war that is harming so many,” she concluded. “Our world needs some good news- its people need respite from political, environmental and social conflicts. Let’s hope and pray for peace!”

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