Mayweather Vs. Paul – Jake Paul Was the Most Annoying Part

It was definitely Mayweather but he brought the rain with him this time
By Christian McBride
Image: Showtime


It has been three years since we’ve seen Floyd Mayweather step inside the ring. No matter who his opponent may be, it’s going to be a fresh hot brew of trash-talking, action-packed filled to the brim, and to top it off, just enough controversial statements to burn your lips off. In the past we’ve seen Floyd take down the mightiest of fighters, this time as a retired World Olympic Champ, he decided to take a stab at a much younger opponent. Logan Paul just 26 years old a YouTube star turned pro boxer. This was just Paul’s 2nd fight professionally and 3rd overall after being defeated by a British YouTuber KSI back in August of 2018.


Despite only 3 fights into his career, Paul was determined to make his time count in the ring with Mayweather. From the sound of the bell, Paul came out swinging, towering over Mayweather with his 6 ft stature. Mayweather, who is just 5 ft 8 inches was able to keep him at bay and tied up whenever he needed to catch his breath. As the match went on Paul fought with determination but the lack of experience and stamina to keep up with Mayweather caused him to take his 3rd loss 2nd loss professionally. There were no official scores and no official judges this was an exhibition match purely for entertainment. The stats show via showtime Logan threw a total of 217 punches and land 28 of those. While Mayweather threw a total of 107 punches and landed 43 of his giving him the victory per stats.

There were die-hard fans in attendance but non more dedicated than Jake Paul the younger brother of Logan Paul who also found his claim to fame from Youtube. Both brothers are youtube stars who are aspiring to be professional boxers. Jake Paul has been seen constantly on social media trolling the best of fighters in the game today! This time Jake was seen ringside chanting “You’re Winninggggg, You’re winning” and “50-1 F-CK all of you”. Though the stats didn’t prove his brother’s unsolicited victory at the final bell Jake Paul screamed at the top of his lungs “Logan Paul just beat Floyd Mayweather!!” His enthusiasm to see the positives in every situation we truly appreciate.

Paul and Mayweather weren’t the only other celebrities in the ring tonight Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson a 6-time pro-bowler who last played in the NFL almost 10 years ago. Stepped into the ring with Brian Maxwell to start off the Mayweather-Paul fight card. Just 4 rounds 2 min a piece Johnson was left face first almost sliding out of the ring to close out his first official fight. According to the NYTimes, “It’s entertainment for people that want to be entertained that’s been hurting the past 18 months due to the pandemic.” These weren’t the normal serious fights we go out to the bar and bet all the money we have in our pocket on, but it was entertainment. Do you think we will see professionals fighting celebrities more in the future? Will this become a trend to use professional boxing for purely entertainment purposes only? Has the pandemic shifted not just the way we live but also how we perceive sports as well?