McDonald’s TikToker Under Fire for Pranks in Store

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Today on TikTok, people are not appreciating this joke user @nnennaaaa made about customers’ drinks when you visit your local McDonalds.. In the now viral video, the user pretends to fill up the drink, but only puts ice in it instead, and does not actually fill up the drink. Though this is not the most horrifying of pranks that one can think of, many were not happy with the video.

The video, which now has over one million views and over one thousand comments, has people critique the McDonald’s worker. One person wrote, “Just fill it up it doesn’t change your pay.” Others brought the minimum wage debate into this, noting that increasing the pay should not happen as this is the type of effort you will get even after raising the pay. Either way, this is not stopping the creator, whose TikTok profile consists of what it is really like to work for the fast-food giant and other harmless pranks the creator does. In a more wholesome video, she adds a random item to the DoorDash order as a surprise.

In one video, however, the creator notes that she adds ice inside an ice cream cone as another prank towards the customers. Though this is not a harmful prank, many were still upset, as this can still count as food tampering even if it cannot cause physical harm. One commenter wrote “Yeah, no! I feel like playing with somebody’s food is an automatic beat down.”

In a response to the Daily Dot, the creator said the content was all for fun and for jokes, but some still felt as if the jokes were not funny and were not entirely convinced it was a joke in the first place. Joking or not, this is another reminder to be nice to your service workers.


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