Mcdonald’s Workers Slammed For Ruining Keto Burger in this Viral TikTok

Another day, another interesting debate from TikTok.
By Savannah Moss
@MatthewBeecher957 | TikTok

In a viral TikTok sparking debate to TikTok users, a man complains that his Keto burger was messed up. His order was a double cheeseburger, no bun. Instead, he received the bun but the meat was missing, leaving him just cheese and condiments between his buns. Though this could have been a video circulating the app due to a funny mishap, TikTok user brings up the minimum wage debate and jabs at it, implying that the workers do not deserve the wage after messing up his burger.


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The video, which now has over one thousand comments, stirred up a conversation after believing the TikTok user was being whiny. For instance, one person commented, “First world problems, you will be okay.” Others encouraged him to make it himself, especially if he believes the people making it should make a low-paying wage.




@MatthewBeecher957 | TikTok

Many also brought up the fact that the consumer gets what they paid for. Since the burger was cheap, even if it was messed up, the consumer should probably not be expecting anything of high quality. In one comment, someone pointed out the fact that lower wages usually indicate a lower quality of the product: “You get what you paid for? Lower wage equals the lower quality of worker.” Beecher, however, noted that he worked in trades and that people are paid higher wages undeservedly so all the time, meaning that he believes the raising of wages would not help the Mcdonald’s quality.

Image: @MatthewBeecher957 | TikTok


Overall, no matter the argument given by the commenters, Beecher seemed to not waiver on his opinion, and even brought his own experience into working at Burger King. Overall, many seemed to be in the agreement that no matter what mistake a worker makes, they should be able to pay their bills and be able to survive from their wages.