Megan Thee Stallion Claps Back at Drake for Dragging Her in “Circo Loco”

It was the number one trending spot on Twitter
By Abigail Karl
Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images


World famous rappers Drake and 21 Savage just released their latest album, Her Loss, and it has caused quite the stir on the internet. The album slams multiple people, and Megan Thee Stallion is one of the names mentioned. The star took to Twitter late Thursday night with a series of fiery tweets, condemning Drake & 21 for dragging her in the song, “Circo Loco”.

The lyrics in question refer to an incident that involved Tony Lanez and Stallion that occurred in 2020. Lanez shot Megan in the foot in 2020 following a heated argument.  Drake proclaimed his doubt about the altercation in a verse in “Circo Loco”. The lyrics in question are, “This b***h lie ’bout getting shots, but she still a stallion/She don’t even get the joke, but she still smiling.” 

While many fans excitedly listened to the long awaited album, Her Loss, Megan Thee Stallion listed with fury. “I know I’m very popular but y’all gotta stop attaching weak ass conspiracy theories in bars to my name lol N***** nor hoes EVER address me or @ me WITH a fact or receipts. I AM CLOUT BITCH keep sucking my p***y,” wrote Megan on Twitter.

Megan’s response has garnered over fifty thousand likes, and the beef between the rappers quickly soared to the #1 Trending spot on Twitter. Megan continued to confront the hypocrisy of the situation, calling out male rappers for using her name for clout, and associating with accused abusers. “Stop using my shooting for clout bitch ass N*****! Since when tf is it cool to joke abt women getting shot ! … Ready to boycott bout shoes and clothes but dog pile on a black woman when she say one of y’all homeboys abused her,” wrote Megan.

The responses from fans on both sides have been relatively mixed. This user agreed with Stallion, emphasizing that men in the music industry seem quick to support each other over supporting black women.

But the hate is coming through pretty strongly as well, with another user showing how they felt pretty succinctly, writing, “OKAY BRO WE GET IT SHUT UP.”

Megan Thee Stallion was not alone in being dragged in the album. A handful of other notable personalities and companies were called out. Kanye West, Adidas, and even Serena Williams’ husband were among the names mentioned. It’s possible Drake and Savage were just in the mood to cause some chaos, but they definitely could have done so without discounting a victim of abuse.