Met Gala 2022: Best Dressed, Who Was Missed, and Who Didn’t Understand the Assignment

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Last night was Twitter’s favorite night: the Met Gala. With the theme of “Gilded Glamour,” many thought that this was going to be an extravagant night, and for some it was. Others, however, missed the mark entirely, and their outfits were not approved on Twitter. And, some even were surprised by some outfits, like a reporter who seemed to outdress the celebrities.

Who didn’t attend?

Before we can discuss the worst and best of the night, we have to talk about who people were hoping would attend but didn’t. First, Met Gala royalty, Rihanna who always serves the best looks at the gala, did not attend. Many saw this coming, as she is due to give birth any minute. But, she was there in spirit as the Met Museum marbelized her iconic Vogue cover.

Although fans speculated and hoped that Taylor Swift would appear at the Met Gala for the first time since 2016, since Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are close friends of Swift and were hosting this year’s Gala. Harry Styles, who hosted last year’s event, also did not attend.

Zendaya also did not attend due to her busy schedule, which many joked was unfair and that the event should surround around the star and her iconic outfits.


Best dressed

Although best dressed is subjective, there were a few contenders who everyone agreed was best dressed. First, many joked that everyone should go home after Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds arrived. Wearing Versace, opera gloves, and a tiara, she looked absolutely stunning. And just as people thought it couldn’t get any better, she revealed and transformed the bronze dress into aged bronze, refrencing both the Statue of Liberty and the cieling of the Grand Central Station. Reynolds also looked great in a velvet tuxedo.

There was a lot of gold in the night, like Cardi B’s Versace jewelry and Megan Thee Stallion’s feather-like brocade. These looks were definitely glamorous and definitely was theme fitting. Look like a celebrity with homecoming dresses for sale at Peaches Boutique.

Of course, corsets were a staple for the night, as dresses from the Gilded era often had those as an accesory. So, Billie Eilish gave the people what they wanted when she showed up in a corset with satin from Gucci and green lace.


For the men, many were pleasantly surprised to see that many refused to wear a boring suit, but instead opted for an outfit that suits the theme. Thomas Doherty, for example, wore Dior and looked amazing and also in theme.

Lizzo, who brought her iconic flute, made people’s jaws drop as she showed up with a beautiful coat that had a long train, paired with a choker that refrences the idzila.

And, lastly for best dressed, many were obsessed with Kim Kardashian as she arrived in Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress that she wore to sing happy birthday to President John F. Kennedy. With her hair slicked back, a fluffy white jacket she kept off-shoulder, it is safe to say people were obsessed.

Who was worst dressed?

So, although it was an iconic night for many, not everyone met the mark. Some people did not fit the theme, even though many on Twitter thought that the theme could not have been easier. For example, although Sebastian Stan’s pink outfit was definitely statement making, many did not find it worked for the theme.

Although Gigi Hadid has previously been praised before for her iconic looks at Met Gala, her red jumpsuit paired with a red puffer jacket did not really do it for many.

Although some thought Camila Cabello’s skirt evoked ballroom styles and has the bustles from the Gilded age, many compared her dress to a cake, which is definitely not something you want to be compared to if you’re making a fashion statement.

Last but not least, many are wondering what Amy Schumer was thinking when she got dressed for the Met Gala, and who approved her look.

Although many served looks last night, not everyone was on theme, despite being approved. Still, Twitter definitely had fun judging the looks from home in their pajamas.

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