Microsoft Unveils Copilot+ PCs, Marking a New Era in AI Technology

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Microsoft has launched its latest lineup of Copilot+ PCs under the Surface brand, featuring the all-new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro models designed to cater to a wide range of users, from creatives to professionals. These devices promise enhanced performance, sleek designs, and innovative features to elevate user experiences.

Available starting today, the new Copilot+ PCs are hailed as the fastest and most intelligent Windows PCs in the market. They aim to support users in their daily endeavors, whether it’s embarking on creative projects, staying connected with loved ones, or driving business ventures forward.

The Surface Laptop and Surface Pro models are offered in four color options, each crafted with a focus on aesthetics and functionality. They start at an attractive price point of $999 Estimated Retail Price (ERP) USD, available for purchase on and at Microsoft Experience Centers.

For those seeking higher performance and multitasking capabilities, exclusive configurations with 64GB of memory (RAM) are available only on

  • Surface Laptop (7th Edition) with a 13.8-inch Display, Snapdragon® X Elite (12 Core) Processor, and 1TB SSD Storage, priced at $2,399.99 ERP USD.
  • Surface Laptop (7th Edition) with a 15-inch Display, Snapdragon® X Elite (12 Core) Processor, and 1TB SSD Storage, priced at $2,499.99 ERP USD.
  • Surface Pro Essentials Bundle, starting at $1,144 ERP, includes essential accessories and savings on a Microsoft 365 subscription and Microsoft Complete Protection Plan. Customers also benefit from a 20% discount on accessories, including the new Surface Pro Flex Keyboard.
The new Copilot+ PCs, including the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. PHOTO: Microsoft

Key highlights of the new Copilot+ PCs include:

  1. Performance and Power: Equipped with Snapdragon X Series Processors, the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro promise faster performance and extended battery life. A Neural Processing Unit (NPU) enhances AI experiences, ensuring seamless multitasking and efficiency throughout the day.
  2. Sleek Design: Designed with portability and aesthetics in mind, these devices feature premium finishes and are available in four vibrant colors: Black, Platinum, Sapphire, and the new Dune. The thin and lightweight build makes them ideal for users on the go, blending style with functionality.
  3. Immersive Displays: The Surface Pro introduces a new OLED with HDR display for a cinematic viewing experience, while the Surface Laptop boasts a HDR touchscreen display with razor-thin bezels. Both devices promise brighter, more vivid visuals that enhance the viewing of multimedia content.
  4. Innovative Features: Introducing the Copilot key, these PCs integrate the Copilot app directly into Windows 11 keyboards on Copilot+ PCs. This feature serves as an everyday AI companion, offering quick access to enhanced productivity tools and functionalities.

The launch of Copilot+ PCs underscores Microsoft’s commitment to advancing technology and enhancing user experiences through innovative hardware and software integration. With a focus on performance, design, and usability, the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro aim to set new standards in the PC market, catering to diverse user needs from creative professionals to everyday users seeking powerful and stylish computing solutions.

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