Miley Cyrus Teases New Music With Posters Across Los Angeles

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Singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus is teasing something, but fans are not sure what just yet. The singer-songwriter dropped her most recent album, “Endless Summer Vacation,” in March 2023. Now, only months later, posters line several streets in Los Angeles, including lyrics from several of Cyrus’ most famous hit songs. Among the lyrics were “hopped off the plane at LAX” from “Party in the U.S.A.” and “I came in like a wrecking ball” from “Wrecking Ball.”

The lead single from Cyrus’ most recent album, “Flowers”, alludes to learning self love after a toxic relationship, and shattered numerous chart records upon its debut. The accompanying music video has long been alleged to have been shot at a beach house that once belonged to actor Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus’ ex-husband.

Rumors immediately began to circulate that Hemsworth had cheated on Cyrus during their marriage, and that it led to the couple’s 2020 divorce. Cyrus has never confirmed or denied the track’s origin, but has spoken on the healing process of working on the album.

Following the album’s release, Cyrus shared a statement that explained that she had no intentions to go on tour any time soon. The posters depicting several of the singer’s most iconic lyrics now have fans questioning otherwise.


Fan Theories

Most fans sense that Cyrus will soon drop a new single, or a new edition of one of her previously released albums. “BANGERZ” turns 10 this year.

Several of the posters display the same phrase, “Used to Be Young.” Onlookers are theorizing that this will be the name of a new track or a forthcoming album. Lyrically, some feel that the song will tell Cyrus’ perspective on growing up in the spotlight. The singer famously starred in the Disney Channel hit sitcom “Hannah Montana” as the titular character and her normal-girl alter-ego, Miley Stewart. Cyrus’ father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, also played her father on the show, with guest appearances from Cyrus’ country legend godmother Dolly Parton.

The phrase is seemingly what Cyrus wants viewers to focus on, as she has updated all of her YouTube thumbnails to reflect it.


Some fans are sharing montages of Cyrus’ many different musical and fashion styles over the duration of her lengthy career in the music industry.

Fans are piecing together the phrases scattered across several of the posters.

Elsewhere, some reflect on the harsh criticism Cyrus faced when transitioning from her status as a child star to a young adult musician. News outlets and pop culture critics alike frequently criticized the singer embracing her sexuality or smoking marijuana.

The singer is yet to reveal the meaning of the cryptic “used to be young” messages. Cyrus was 13 years old when she first put on the iconic Hannah Montana wig, and the singer recently turned 30.

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