MMA Fighter Claims Hooter’s Waitress Hit on Him – She Cleared the Air in this Viral TikTok

This is a little awkward.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @abbyskelly | TikTok and @triplek_mma | Instagram

In a recent viral TikTok, posted by TikTok user @abbyyskelly, shows a Hooters server clearing the air after an MMA fighter recently shared a video to look as if he had turned her down. In the video that the MMA fighter Kareem Kobe Kline posted, the video shows Abby handing Kline a piece of paper with a smile on her face. The caption reads “I’m here for business. Shorty gave me her number, but I’m a #manonamission.” Abby then commented, “You’re cute but it was a Hooter’s coupon.” Abby then posted the interaction on TikTok, screen-recording the video and showing the comments, which included not only her comment but other comments joking around that Abby had tried to make a move on Kline.


When men try to get clout by saying they curved you but you were really just doing ur job🤡 #greenscreenvideo

♬ LOSER – da big crybaby.

She also expresses how she feels about the situation in her caption, noting “When men try to get clout by saying they curved you but you were really just doing your job.” Many in the comments thought the situation was funny, but also incredibly embarrassing for the MMA fighter.

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Image: @abbyyskelly | TikTok

Kline, who has not removed the video from his Instagram, edited the caption to welcome the flux of comments from TikToker’s, saying “Welcome TikTokers … Y’all so pathetic, you took time out of your day, to look me up, and comment on my profile, get a life.” Some tried to call out the supposed “flirtation” Abby had when handing the coupon, as she is smiling brightly. One person commented, “So when you hand out coupons is it required to look at him up and down and have a smile ear to ear?” However, Abby notes that she has a “reputation” for always having a smile at work, which makes sense as her job requires excellent customer service.

Image: @abbyyskelly | TikTok


She also clears the air that a smile does not mean she is interested in a customer, it just means that she is being polite. This seems to be a common theme from women in customer service jobs that when they are polite, as their job expects and requires them to be, people think that they are flirting or trying to hit on them. Overall, many in the comments were in support of Abby and was glad that she took the time to clear the air about the experience, though some claim that it was a joke and did not require any comment. However, a joke or not, many of the comments seemed to believe Kline that Abby was trying to express interest, so it was probably a good thing that Abby took the time to disperse the rumors.