Gross! Mother Licks Down The Grocery Store To Disprove COVID-19

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Jodie Meschuk licking the store clean
Jodie Meschuk/Instagram

“Be Free”, Jodie Meschuk tells her 18,000 followers on Instagram as she peruses the grocery store licking everything in sight. Yes, Jodie a mother of two boys who claimed that autism is somewhat reversible as seen on her Instagram which is now deleted. Licking the handles to the freezers and licking grocery bags and carts. Her claim is that Microbials are good for digestion. Jodie is a firm believer that vaccination causes health issues that fall in line with autism.

A mother of two boys and the eldest who was sick while 8 months pregnant shares a heartfelt message on her personal blog about her experiences with vaccinations, “There was a significant point in his life before he was 2 with a routine visit to the pediatrician’s office. Picture me, almost 8 months pregnant and asking legitimate and intelligent questions about vaccines.”

Jodie is on a quest to prove that “Covid isn’t a big deal” Her first attempt at disproving the stigma is by licking most of what you see everyone touch at grocery stores. Her claim is that “exposure to germs build defenses against asthma and allergies.” To a certain degree, her statement is true, but her actions seem a bit extreme.



Fans react to her using her mouth to shop, “Imagine any other era were licking the handles of supermarket freezers would be deemed “brave” or heroic instead of “fucking stupid”. Jodie’s reasoning and strong opinions behind vaccinations all fall back on when she was pregnant with her son. “But I wasn’t and instead based on his trusted recommendations I made a decision that morning to allow the nurse to administer 9 shots to my baby boy. I left in tears, shaking, and in a daze. What did I just do?” Jodie went on to write a book title Autism reimagined where she explains how you can reverse autism by holistic lifestyle change.

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