Motorcycle Insurance And Seasons

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Image: Harley Davidson | Unsplash

“Motorcycle season” is a set of words that not every cyclist in America may be familiar with. Some parts of the country, like the West Coast or South, don’t see icy weather like some states do, so riders are able to drive their motorcycles all year round for the most part. It’s for this reason that motorcycles cost more to insure in these areas. There are also several other reasons for this. Different seasons mean different risks for motorcycles and their drivers, so let’s look at it as a whole.

Image: Alexey Malakhov | Unsplash

Motorcycle Insurance in Year-Round States

The West Coast and some states in the South have some of the nicest weather in the United States that allow motorcycle drivers to use the roads all year round. These drivers pay more when it comes to motorcycle insurance because they are on their bikes more. At the same time, they also save a little because they don’t have to invest in tight motorcycle storage and security along with any accompanying insurance. The West Coast and The South are also home to some of the finest motorcycle trails and national parks in the country. Regulars on these trails will always benefit from full-season motorcycle insurance.     

Motorcycle Insurance in the Seasonal States

Midwestern, Northern, and Eastern states are subject to more wintry and icy conditions when November and December roll in. Driving a motorcycle during this time is often unsafe, so several riders put their bikes in storage until the spring. Since they aren’t riding, they will be paying less than those that ride all year round. The best kind of motorcycle coverage for these riders is comprehensive, which provides insurance for damages that occur while the motorcycle is in storage. 

Image: Harley Davidson | Unsplash

Motorcycle Insurance Cost Difference 

After all those words, you probably want to see some numbers. Fully insuring a motorcycle in California costs around $2,000 for a brand new bike. South Carolina is much lower at around $760 to $1,000 because motorcycles aren’t in use all year long. Take advantage of free online motorcycle insurance quotes to see where you stand on motorcycle insurance costs.     

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