‘MrBeast Lab’ New Toy Line Collaboration with Moose Toys Set to Hit U.S. Shelves in July

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Moose Toys, a prominent name in the toy industry, has unveiled its latest creation in collaboration with Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, the world’s top YouTuber and renowned philanthropist. The new line, MrBeast Lab, introduces a diverse array of collectibles and action figures set to launch in the U.S. this July, with global availability expanding throughout the fall.

The MrBeast Lab collection is designed to reflect the dynamic energy of MrBeast’s global brand. Featuring a range of small-scale collectibles, vinyl figures, and collector’s items, the line promises innovation and excitement across various categories. Each product showcases meticulous design, quality finishes, and vibrant color schemes, appealing to both collectors and fans alike.

Paul Solomon, CEO of Moose Toys, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This collection is the result of two of the world’s best creators joining forces to develop the most groundbreaking new toy brand. When we find partners like MrBeast, who share our irreverent spirit and appetite to disrupt, the sky is the limit. Today’s launch is just the beginning of what’s to come for Moose and MrBeast as we continue to develop the brand to new heights.”

MrBeast, known for his massive YouTube following and innovative content, highlighted the significance of the partnership, saying, “Moose Toys is always pushing boundaries to innovate in new ways and we’re going to blow up the toy industry with this line. Their dedication to the smallest details and challenging themselves to go beyond the point of disruption is how I approach every aspect of my brand. I’m super pumped about this partnership and know my fans are going to love it.”

The MrBeast Lab line includes several standout products aimed at captivating MrBeast’s dedicated fanbase:

MrBeast Lab Swarms: A revolutionary series of over 100 micro collectibles that invite fans to engage in a unique creation process. Using a test tube and water, enthusiasts can reveal Swarms through a fizzy action-reaction mechanism. The collectibles are available in various levels of rarity, from Common to Limited Edition, including sought-after items like the Panther Swarms and the exclusive Hyperchrome Panthers.

MrBeast Lab Mutators: Offering an interactive unboxing experience, this product allows kids to transform a blue panther into a powerful Mutator using a mutation fluid and chamber. Variants include the Iconic Panther, Stealth Panther, and Metallic Panther, each featuring distinctive design elements that enhance playability and collectability.


MrBeast Lab Vinyl Figures: Stylized vinyl figures inspired by the iconic MrBeast logo, available in Classic, Ombre, Glow in the Dark, and the coveted Ultra Rare Mythic variant. Each figure is crafted with premium materials and presented in display-ready packaging, making them a must-have for collectors.

MrBeast Lab Collector Figures: These six-inch-tall figures capture the essence of MrBeast’s brand with detailed decorations and enhanced articulation. Available in Panther and Tiger editions, these figures come in a special silver briefcase package, with exclusive Elite Gold and Platinum variants limited to 10,000 units each.

In addition to the product launch, MrBeast will integrate the MrBeast Lab line into his popular YouTube content, leveraging his massive online presence to drive excitement and demand among fans. With over 289 million subscribers and billions of monthly views, MrBeast’s influence promises to amplify the reach and appeal of Moose Toys’ latest venture.

To support the MrBeast Lab launch, Moose Toys will debut at San Diego Comic-Con with exclusive products and engaging giveaways from July 25-28. The company plans a comprehensive marketing campaign, including sweepstakes across multiple U.S. and international markets, ensuring widespread visibility and consumer engagement.

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