Crazy Naked Man Breaks into Bel Air Home and Kills the Family Birds

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Mat Sabz, was relaxing in his home when he got a call from his wife saying there was a naked man breaking into their home. Sabz came around the corner from the upstairs room and saw a naked man staring up at him from down the stairs. He immediately was shocked and asked the man “Hey!! what are you doing here?” The naked man promptly responded with “what are you doing here? I’m going to call the police right now.” Sabz told Fox, “He didn’t leave he looked at me and said this is my house what are you doing here? Before I could say a word, he said, I’m going to call the police.

Sabz knew he was dealing with someone who may not have been in their right mind. He then proceeded to stay in his room and call the police for his safety. The naked man then proceeded to stay in the house and make himself at home. He tried on Sabz’s clothes and swam in their family pool. “He broke the fireplace he yanked the camera he wore my shorts because he came naked”, per Fox.

It was a great thing Mat was the only one home when this happened because what happened after the burglar tried on clothes and abused the amenities is atrocious. The naked man was seen on camera downstairs near the kitchen where The Sabz family’s pet parakeets were residing. “He smiled at them like a serial killer, Sabz told Fox news. The naked man reached his hand in the birdcage and physically abused the parakeet’s leaving them with injuries they couldn’t persist from.

At this point, Mat knows this situation is starting to escalate more than what was anticipated from your mil of the run burglary. The man did not want to steal anything he just wanted to bring terror and that he did murdering two defenseless animals. Mat Sabz climbed out of his window calling the neighborhood police and they arrived promptly arresting the naked man. “We could say we dodged a bullet because who knows what this man would have done to my family, Sabz told Fox. As reported by the Beverly Hills Police Department, he was able to enter the home by garage door opener from an unlocked car. The naked man is facing burglary and animal cruelty charges and possibly drug charges as well.

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