National Pancake Day Inspires Unique Creations Across the Internet

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February 21 marks National Pancake Day, and the holiday inspired thousands to share their takes on a breakfast favorite. The holiday started as early as approximately 1100 AD in the U.K., and was originally known as Shrove Day. In Anglicanism and several other branches of protestant Christianity, the holiday is meant to be the final feast ahead of Lent, a period in which many Christians fast and give up sweets.

U.K. recipes typically favor a thinner pancake cooked with lemon juice, while the American pancake is made with a thicker batter and usually filled with chocolate chips or any fruit of choice. Aside from the pancake cooking alone, there are many other traditions associated with Shrove Tuesday in the U.K. Some towns even have a pancake race, in which participants must keep a hot pancake in a frying pan and flip it three times before reaching the finish line first.

The holiday always falls 47 days ahead of Easter. The feast comes ahead of Ash Wednesday, in which many different sects of Christianity choose their favorite luxury or vice to give up during the Lenten season. In France and present day New Orleans, Louisiana, the feast is referred to as Mardi Gras, which translates to Fat Tuesday. Today, thousands colorfully parade down New Orleans’ Bourbon Street to commemorate the historic holiday.

Mardi Gras has plenty of its own unique feast delicacies, including king cake.


Pancakes have been known by multiple names over the years. They were initially recorded circa 600 B.C.E. in ancient Greece, when the delicacy was first described by a poet. Centuries later, the pastry was nicknamed the flapjack, and was gradually renamed the pancake. Pancakes became an American breakfast favorite in the 1870s.

Today, regardless of religious affiliation or nationality, thousands are sharing their takes on the centuries old favorite. From creations for people with dietary restrictions to pancake art, Twitter is brimming with new recipes to try.



Some shared unique Pancake Day, Shrove Day, and Mardi Gras traditions. Princess Kate Middleton visited a nursing home in Oxford, U.K. today and flipped some pancakes with the residents.

Some brands and organizations shared creative videos of pancake sharing.

TikTok got creative with intricate pancake art.


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Some share their favorite movie and television scenes featuring pancakes today. The fluffy breakfast treat has been featured in many a humorous and wholesome moment in entertainment.


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Even some pets got involved in the holiday today.


The apprentice is fired!

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Local news stations across the U.S. and the U.K. celebrated with pancakes on air today in honor of the many traditions affiliated with the holiday.

Stay tuned on social media today for new recipe inspirations, or for new historical facts about the breakfast and brunch staple.

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