Neil Patrick Harris Apologizes for Horrific Amy Winehouse Meat Platter

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Recently, there has been a conversation online surrounding Neil Patrick Harris for his disturbing meat platter depicting the late Amy Winehouse. Winehouse, only 27, passed away from alcohol poisoning in 2011. The singer had struggled with her mental health and had been hospitalized from drug use prior. After her death, she continued to be used as a punchline by comedians, so many were not surprised when Harris served “the corpse of Amy Winehouse” as a meat platter at a Halloween party. He did this only three months after her death and is now receiving criticism after someone on Twitter brought it up. Some did not even know this had happened and were shocked that this hadn’t been talked about more. The photo of the meat platter is disturbing and many have issued a warning before viewing it.

The person who Tweeted it was not actually Harris, but a guest of the party who later deleted the tweet, Justin Mikita. He wrote “Look who showed up @ActuallyNPH & @GourmetMD’s Halloween party last night. Looking good.” Now, 10 years later, Harris openly apologized after receiving backlash, as it had never been mentioned prior to now. According to Entertainment Weekly, he says that “It was regrettable then, and it remains regrettable now. Amy Winehouse was a once-in-a-generation talent, and I’m sorry for any hurt this image caused.” But, since the apology is just now occuring and most likely because of the backlash he is recieving, not everyone found it acceptable.

Many pointed out that Harris’ action pointed to how society treated Winehouse at the time, like her death was a joke or that substance abuse was not a real issue. “Society is way overdue for a discussion about the way Amy Winehouse was treated in the early 2000s and 2010s by the misogynistic celebrity media machine and the people who were a captive audience to it,” one person commented.

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