“Never Have I Ever” Gave Fans The Love Story They Wanted

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Netflix‘s massively successful Mindy Kaling collaboration, “Never Have I Ever”, is back. The show stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as the people’s favorite anti-hero, Devi Vishwakumar, Jarren Lewison as her enemy turned lover Ben Gross, and Darren Barnett as jock with heart Paxton Hall-Yoshida, the third point of the chaotic love triangle. The series’ complex themes and portrayal of South Asian culture in America have long received praise.  The show is notoriously full of twists and turns, and fans felt bittersweet about it coming to an end.

The last season ended with a confused Devi having complicated feelings towards her prior academic rival Ben and her college-bound ex Paxton. Before the season two premiere, fans were casting their votes on which love interest Devi would pick. Many joked that after the mounting drama of the past three seasons, they wanted to see the character make a decision and not “choose herself”, as is the ending of several other popular coming-of-age movies and shows.


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Fan Reactions

While fans of the show have always been divided on which love interest is the better option, they were at least satisfied with Devi finally coming to a decision. Many felt it was surreal to watch the cast of characters grow up throughout the series’ high school years.

When the excitement of Devi finally coming to a decision subsided, some revealed they were disappointed in her choice to wind up with Ben. While Mindy Kaling’s projects are typically a commercial success, some critics feel that Kaling plays into stereotypes about relationships between South Asian women and white men.


Others were content with the ending, feeling that Devi and Ben’s characters had the deepest emotional bond.

Some viewers admired the romantic-comedy tone of this season. The genre has seen a spike in popularity following TikTok’s role in turning viewers back to “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days,” “When Harry Met Sally,” “10 Things I Hate About You”, and more.

The show’s star weighed in on the divisive ending. She was sure to remind audiences that they were simply fictional characters, and that she will always be team Devi in the end.


The final season of “Never Have I Ever” is streaming now on Netflix.

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