New TV Show For Hype House, But Are We Over Them?

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Make up lines, fashion partnerships and now a reality tv show

Hype House has secured a contract with Wheelhouse Group for a new docuseries detailing the behind the scenes of living in the surreal content creation station. Unfortunately the TV show comes a little late, because America is getting tired of their antics, real fast.

The Hype Life will “take fans far beyond what they see on social media, while expanding to new audiences and on new platforms.” Showing the lives of some of TikTok’s most famous creators, the new show will have a reality-show perspective. TikTok creators such as Kouvr Annon, Nick Austin Nikita Dragun, Avani Gregg, Mia Hayward, Angel Herrera, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Madi Monroe, Ryland Storms, Alex Warren, Jack Wright, James Wright, Nate Wyatt, Thomas Petrou and Chase Hudson will be included on the show. 

Hype House, for those unaware, is the name of a collective of TikTok creatives based in Los Angeles. It was created by Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou as a way for the TikTok stars to collaborate more easily and create more content. The new TV show seems to be just one of the ways members have been scrambling to cover their bases as influencers before TikTok is banned in the U.S. If you look at the members of Hype House individually, they each have been going after business deal after business deal, trying to make the most of their fame. We are seeing many of them drop cosmetic lines, clothing collections and more. For example, one of Hype House’s most famous creators,  Addison Rae Easterling, most recently announced her own cosmetic line, Item Beauty, this week. But she has also recently contributed to a merch collection with Fanjoy, as well as launching a Spotify podcast with her mother, Mama Knows Best. That’s a lot of business deals in a short span of time, even on Kardashian-Jenner level. 

With new business deals coming out every day, it can’t help but be noticed that America seems to be getting a little tired of them. 


And the TV show announcement isn’t fooling anyone, people are still very much done with Hype House.

The only saving grace for Hype House right now seems to be their young tween fan base, who love the house drama.


It is safe to say that regardless of what happens with the future of TikTok, the Hype House creators will definitely find a way to stay afloat. But let us know what you think, are you over the Hype House yet?

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