New Video Of Colleen Ballinger Allegedly in Blackface Surfaces Online

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YouTube personality and comedian Colleen Ballinger, known for her Miranda Sings character, continues to face mounting backlash. A video of Ballinger performing a Beyoncé song allegedly in blackface has surfaced online, with former fans and critics slamming the comedian for her racist portrayal of the Grammy winning singer. The date of the video clip remains unclear, with some social media users claiming that it was filmed in 2010 and others claiming it was actually from 2018.

The clip was voluntarily included in her 2018 book “My Diarrhe” via a QR code for readers to scan.

Recently, a writer for her Netflix series “Haters Back Off!” came forth with allegations of racism. April Korto Quioh offered a glimpse into her experience working with Ballinger in an essay published to her Substack. The writer echoed many of the concerns of the former fans coming forward with allegations against Ballinger.

Ballinger recently came under fire after former fan turned digital creator Adam McIntyre came forward with a barrage of receipts depicting inappropriate and occasionally sexual messages to underage fans in a group chat called “Weenies.” Since McIntyre’s initial video, several other members of the group chat have come forward with allegations of child grooming. McIntyre alleges that Ballinger asked him about his favorite sexual positions when he was 14 years old, and sent him lingerie in the mail.


Social Media Response

Former fans and onlookers alike are condemning Ballinger for the performance. Blackface has long been utilized to portray racist caricatures of Black people throughout history, and has been widely condemned in contemporary times.

Additionally, fans of Beyoncé were quick to join the conversation in her defense.

Others are referencing Ballinger’s botched apology video, in which she strummed a ukulele and stated that all allegations against her were part of the “toxic gossip train” of internet culture. Ballinger continues to deny allegations against her, and has not apologized to any of the survivors.


The Build Up

Just before the newly resurfaced video of Ballinger in blackface, messages resurfaced of the comedian sending nude images of her current podcast-cohost and fellow digital creator Trisha Paytas to the group chat of minors. Ballinger was poking fun at Paytas’ body and weight. Clips of Ballinger previously condemning body shamers have surfaced, with many pointing out that she violated her own claims.

Distribution of nude images to minors is a felony in several U.S. states. It is unclear if any of the recipients of the images intend to press charges against Ballinger yet. Elsewhere, former members of “Weenies” and former employees continue to allege poor working conditions and manipulation.


gaslit beyond belief on the daily.

♬ original sound – Johnny Silvestri

The comedian issued a ten minute ukulele song accusing McIntyre and the other “Weenies” group chat members of lying. Hundreds of memes of Ballinger’s performance continue to circulate online, as many viewers were stunned at the absurd lack of accountability.

Ballinger is yet to respond to the latest allegations of her blackface performance. The official date of the show remains unconfirmed.

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