Bill Maher Says Hundreds Of Millions Of Muslims Agree With the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack

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    Say what you will about Bill Maher (and many people do), but he is not afraid to speak his mind, even if it’s an unpopular opinion. The problem this time is that he may be overreaching in terms of his “hundreds of millions of Muslims” argument. On Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, Maher responded to the Charlie Hebdo attacks by declaring that this kind of violence is specifically a Muslim problem, and that hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world support the attack.

    My initial instinct is that that generalization can’t be true of mainstream Muslims. But, posts popping up on Reddit from younger Muslims are very frightening.

    An excerpt:

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    The world is shocking, and often cruel. The danger for Maher is that he equates a reasonable argument like “religion is irrational and crazy” with “all members of a religion are irrational and crazy.”