Dog Thrown Over Shelter Fence

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    Two men in Spain are the target of internet rage after they were filmed abandoning a dog by throwing it over a fence at an animal shelter.

    CTV footage from Thursday night shows a car pulling up outside the Os palleiros premises in Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain. One man gets out with the little dog in his arms and literally flings it at the top of the fence. When that doesn’t work, a second man gets out and helps the first guy climb up, lower the dog down the other side by its collar and drop it to the concrete below. Then they drive off.

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    The shelter posted the video to Facebook, where it quickly got millions of views. They have also filed a complaint with the Civil Guard police service.

    Group volunteer Elisabeth Suarez said that throwing dogs over the fence was becoming a “summer sport.”

    “Two weeks ago they (other owners) abandoned two dogs with us by throwing them over the fence. Twenty days ago there was another. They’ve always left us dogs tied up, which is cruel, but this is awful. Throwing dogs over the fence is becoming all the rage this summer.”