Heartbreaking Video Shows Abused Puppy Being Stroked for the First Time

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • If you love dogs – or have any sympathy for animals in general – this video could be distressing for you. It has a happy ending, at least.

    The video description explains that a woman named Monica Mitreanu from the Breasta-Craiova animal shelter in Romania rescued a puppy that was being abused. We don’t know exactly what was done to the malnourished dog, later named Priscilla, but whatever it was left her so terrified of humans, she cowered in a corner and screamed when Mitreanu entered her cage to try to pet her.

    The poor thing kept screaming and crying as Mitreanu stroked her head, and it took nearly a minute of gentle coaxing before Priscilla realized she wasn’t going to be hurt again.

    Fortunately, the dog has been adopted since then and went through the slow process of learning to accept affection from people. She now gets all the pets and cuddles she wants.