President Obama Dances the Tango in Argentina

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  • It looks like President Barack Obama can add “unexpected Latin dancing” to his long list of occupational hazards, following a decent-yet-awkward tango on the first day of his first visit to Argentina.

    During a State Dinner hosted by Argentine President Maurico Macri, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were treated to a performance from two professional tango dancers — and the grand finale involved dancer Mara Godoy approaching the president and pulling him onto the dance floor (reluctantly, after he refused two or three times) in front of hundreds of guests.

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  • As the startled audience scrambled to record the dance on their phones, Godoy led the president around the floor for about a minute, sweeping her arms around Obama’s shoulders and flourishing her legs. He couldn’t exactly match her dramatic moves, but at least he was able to keep up.

    Meanwhile, Michelle Obama joined the dance a few moments later with Godoy’s partner — and in case you think there was any jealousy involved, the First Lady and Godoy exchanged a friendly greeting and a hug afterward.

    All things considered, the Obamas handled their unexpected moment in the spotlight reasonably well. The current presidential candidates had better practice their dance moves just in case.

    Of course, some people think the performance was undignified for an American president or something, apparently forgetting that this moment happened during the Bush administration:

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