Trump Supporters Who Couldn’t Tell They Were Arguing with a Bot Probably Shouldn’t Vote

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  • Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one telling Trump to delete his account!

    Donald Trump supporters found themselves fooled by a Twitter bot, and argued with the program through several tweets before realizing it.

    @Assbot is the creation of a Kentucky man named Forrest known as @Nasboat and his programming buddy Jack Kirkland known as @AwfulJack. The bot automatically responds to every tweet coming from Donald Trump, and those who respond to the bots tweets. Kirkland programmed the bot to use a mixture of old tweets from Forrest’s Twitter timeline. Using Markov chains, it strings sentences of Forrest’s tweets together into “one larger whole.” Thus, creating some of the sweetest burns made by a bot since Cleverbot became self-aware. In one exchange, the bot told Trump to delete his account, and it escalated from there:

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  • According to The Daily Beast, “10 users per hour” found themselves angrily arguing the politics with the bot over the course of several hours before realizing @Assbot wasn’t a real person.

    And these are the same people who are going to be voting in November. If we weren’t worried before, we certainly are now!

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