Creator being Sued for Hunting Pedophiles and Confronting Them on His Channel

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  • Zach Sweers AKA Anxiety War took to his YouTube channel to discuss a recent lawsuit that resulted from reporting an alleged sexual predator.

    Now added to the list of YouTubers who are being sued, Sweers’ channel is dedicated to catching online predators. The creator catfishes potential predators, much in the style of NBC’s “To Catch a Predator,” except minus the crew and police on-site for immediate arrest.

    3 months ago, Sweers confronted 29 year-old Zach Snoeyink after he met up with Sweers under the impression he was meeting up with an underage girl. Sweers reported Snoeyink and sent Sweers a cease-and-desist because of the video. He claims the video is “inaccurate and ruining his life.”

    Sweers has reported seven men after turning over his chat logs and videos to police. Snoeyink claims Sweers heavily edited the video and conversations they had and that his words and actions were “taken out of context.” Additionally, Snoeyink claims Sweers is making a profit from the alleged defamation,

    Sweers has started a GoFundMe acount in order to pay for the upcoming legal battle, as of the writing of this article he has raised over $8,000. Police have advised Sweers against his actions, calling them dangerous. According to reports, Sweers has no intention of stopping.