This Guy Literally Ripped Apart A Plane To Find A Spot For His Bag

  • Overhead bin
  • Either this person was clueless or completely enraged because they literally ripped a piece of plane open to find a place for their bag.

    280 passengers who were bound for Bangkok were forced to wait a full three hours while engineers repaired the damage. Apparently, a passenger who has yet to be named (we’re guess for safety’s sake), tried to open the luggage compartment and ended up pulling off the ceiling panel.

  • Bin 2
  • Amazingly, the passenger was allowed to fly on the plane despite severely damaging it and making all of his or her fellow passengers extremely late.

    Mostly because it might not have entirely been their fault. Allegedly, the plan didn’t have the requisite signage saying that the space wasn’t actually an overhead compartment. You’d think common sense would dictate that the bin wasn’t just “stuck” but I guess that’s a rare things these days.

    A word to the wise, if the bin doesn’t open right away, it’s probably not a bin.

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