Is Donald Trump Literally Incapable of Not Insulting Women?

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  • Donald Trump has always been surrounded by controversy. This week, he added to it by talking about a former Miss Universe’s weight gain on Fox & Friends (story courtesy the Today Show). This comes after the first primary debate (which left us with a few questions), in which his opponent Hillary Clinton accused him of sexist remarks.

    Alicia Machado, crowned Miss Universe in 1996, has stepped forward in support for Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump has in the past called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping,” because she’s Latina and he’s a racist pile of garbage. It’s the latest example of Donald Trump having zero respect for women besides his current wife and his daughters.

    Machado, who became an American citizen earlier this year, won the competition when it was still owned by Trump, and claims his routine insults contributed to an eating disorder, as well as taking away her self-confidence. She’s not the only person who’s interacted with Trump to come out against him — remember that architect he stiffed?

    The former Miss Universe claims Trump called her “Miss Piggy”, “Miss Housekeeping”, and “Miss Eating Machine” after she won, dropping her self-esteem. She was 18. Machado has participated in a Hillary Clinton campaign ad, and called Trump a person who “bears many grudges and harbors a deep racism.”

    Trump, for his part, called Machado “the worst” Miss Universe, said “she was impossible”, and called her “an eating machine” in an interview with Howard Stern in 1997. He claimed she had gained 55 pounds within a 9 month period when she was only 18.

    Just 34% of women currently say they’ll vote Trump. We expect that number to drop.

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