Donald Trump, Running for President, Urges Us to “Check Out Sex Tape”

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  • Donald Trump, yes, the one who is currently the Republican Presidential candidate, was up very late tweeting last night. (Or up very early?) Why? I don’t know, but there’s some ~rumors~ about a potential cocaine problem. Yet to be confirmed. This isn’t the first time the Donald has over-expressed himself on Twitter, and probably won’t be the last.

    He went on a Tweet rant about a former Miss Universe, whom he infamously called ‘Miss Piggy’ because of a post-win weight gain and ‘Miss Housekeeping’ because of her Latina heritage. (This comes after his Fox News appearance digging himself deeper on this issue.)

    Nothing says Oval Office Ready like body shaming and racism! Needless to say, Alicia Machado is actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

  • The two have been at odds since her Miss Universe win in 1996.



  • Now, Machado is featured in a Clinton campaign ad, which really bugs Trump.

  • Who’s really at fault here? Trump on Twitter, or whoever let him TOUCH Twitter in the first place? Let us know in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter.