Curt Schilling Continues to Be a Total Monster

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  • Curt Schilling is a former MLB pitcher for the Boston Red Sox who was once best known for helping win the Red Sox a World Series title. Now that he’s retired, he’s become an outspoken conservative wild card. He was fired from his job at ESPN for transphobic comments, and just keeps digging himself deeper. (For a happier sports story, LeBron has a funny new Sprite ad.)

    According to Deadspin, Schilling’s been on media platforms a few times this week. First, he appeared on Fox Business to defend Trump’s comments — no, not something about the economy or trade, but rather the ones about how he’d be dating a 10-year old girl 10 years later. Schilling was trying to defend Trump. Trying. His attempt was based around Trump not being along in those thoughts of a minor being attractive. The Fox Business host promptly shuts him down.

    Then, he went on Boston radio station WEEI to defend himself from charges of pedophilia. There’s no way to embed the audio on the site, but it’s definitely worth a listen if you want to hear a man fall apart for seven minutes. Highlights: when the host tells Schilling to his (radio) face, “You are sexualizing children”; Schilling calling the host a “scumbag,” “liar,” and “phony”; a different host nailing him with the zinger, “we know you’re a pedophile, but no cursing.”

    Again, he came off worse than if he hadn’t said anything. I think that’s something we’re learning from the election cycle: if you stay quiet, you’ll come off looking better.

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