Bernie Sanders Turns a Trump Supporter in Under 2 Minutes

  • Oh Bernie, we miss you so.

    Socialist hero, working class idol and Ben & Jerry’s flavor Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders held a town hall with MSNBC host Chris Hayes to talk to Trump voters as to why they voted for their candidate. The result was a dialogue that was surprisingly open and open minded, where Sanders managed to convince a Trump supporter of his point of view.

    The interaction begins in the video above at 1:43. When talking with Gail Sparks, a Trump voter, he listened to her concerns — in particular regarding Medicare. Gail Sparks expressed irritation over the price of Medicare rising, and how the government has ignored the anxieties regarding this. Bernie, rather than ignoring her or shutting her down, talked directly to her. He discussed how Republicans are making plans to cut Medicare, and about how the top 1% of the population has trillions of dollars as the 99% suffers, and convinces this woman that it’s not unfair to make the 1% pay their share so the 99% can have medical care — something that should be a right.

    The woman goes on to say that it is fair, as the top 1% got rich off of them they must give back. It’s nice, and it’s a sign of a direction forward, as open communication can unite the country as forces in power try to divide it.

    The entire discussion can be seen here and it’s absolutely worth watching.

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