Mark Ruffalo and Common Speak Out on Humanitarian Crisis at Border

700 immigrant children are still not reunited with their parents despite the July 26th deadline, that was quickly passed by.

The Trump administration’s abhorrently cruel process of separating parents from children, with no real plan to reunite them, ended with a federal judge demanding that the children are reunited with their parents.

Some have been, but despite this ruling, the Trump administration is in no hurry to help undo the injustice they’ve done. 700 children are still not reunited despite the July 26th deadline that was quickly passed by. There is still work to be done, and to discuss this, Mark Ruffalo and Common have spoken out in a video highlighting this humanitarian crisis, showing where we are in the fight, and how you can make a difference in this ongoing battle.

Common and Mark Ruffalo emphasize that children continue to be held in cages, and the video does not shy away from the effects of this inhumane separation. We meet Dilma, a woman fighting to be reunited with her son.

No words are minced: indeed the government is putting innocent women and children into for profit prisons for coming to this country in order to build a life. We hear Dilma speak, and all at once the all too human pain that is the effect of a callous and hateful act, and a hateful and callous continued defiance of the law (it was, after all, a judge who ordered the children must be reunited). What’s additionally gone over is the use of outright lying by agents in order to tear the children from their parents, often telling parents that the children are going to be given a bath, only to have them separated.

The video ends with Dilma being reunited with her son. However, as Common makes clear, she is one of the lucky ones. There are still hundreds parents whose children are being kept hostage, with attempts to be reunited thwarted or money being demanded.

You can help the ongoing fight and ongoing effort by donate to Families Belong Together and by going to America is in a humanitarian crisis, and we can help better it. The kids might be out of the news, but the crisis continues.

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