What You Can Do if You Oppose Trump’s Immigration Policies

If you are horrified by the prison like treatment of Latinx children and parents by ICE and other immigrant organizations, here are things you can do.

The nation has been wrestling, as of late, with what it can do with the terrifying realization that the United States has been separating Latinx immigrant children from their parents when caught at the border. We’ve covered it last week through the lens of Colbert’s commentary on Jeff Sessions, but over time, America has woken up to the unimaginable horror: children are being kept in prisons, and in some cases, even attempting suicide because they are incapable of dealing with the child abuse horrors of their surroundings.

When asked about it, officials in the Trump administration have done some variation on “we were only following the law”, most egregiously with Jeff Sessions citing the same bible verse supporters of the German Nazis used and proponents of slavery used to define that what they were doing was okay because they were following the law. I’m not going to condescend to our readers by explaining why that’s unbelievably inhuman. Laws against human beings have existed all throughout history and the difference between right and wrong don’t exist whether or not the law thinks these human beings are right and wrong. Kristjen Nielsen, the current human being who is completely okay and seemingly proud of abusing young boys, can be seen making her arguments on Twitter:

So, what can we do? The road to stopping this will be difficult, but there are small things which can be done.

Donate: You can donate to a variety of charities to help lawyers, translators and organizations reconnect children with parents. The one I’ve donated money to is RAICES, and you can do so through Facebook here.

Protest: A series of protests are going to take place around America. While it is impossible for me to zero in on each and every protest in the United States, this website offers a helpful guide to how they are taking place and where in your area: https://peoplepower.org/families/.

Make Your Voice Heard: Of course, don’t forget to contact your legislators and tell them how repulsed you are with this policy and that you want them to oppose it. Their contact info can be found here: http://www.southernborder.org/contact-your-legislator.

This is going to be a dark time in American history, but we can still turn it around. Donate, march and call. Together we can help stop this.

As Michelle Obama and Laura Bush put it:

What will you be doing to make your voice heard? Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.