Billionaire Zombies Club Donates 1 Million Tokens to Charity on Giving Tuesday

Will you be giving?
By Andy Lalwani
Photo: Billionaire Zombies Club

2021 has seen the rise and continuation of trends accelerating us into the metaverse.  The most impactful trends on humanity’s shared roadmap might be the rise of the NFT, the potential of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s), and how the metaverse affects generations of humans to come.

With assets aggregated by the most successful NFT campaigns reaching into the tens of millions, many feel like the NFT market is not accessible even given its relatively new popularity.  The holy grail’s are projects that help onboard new NFT buyers and retain them in growing communities that aggregate skill sets across these DAO’s.

One fast rising NFT project that is rapidly onboarding new entrants to the NFT market is The Billionaire Zombie Club or BZC. An overnight success, the BZC collection sold one half of one million dollars of collectible digital art in its first minting; selling out its 10,000 unique art pieces in just 12 days.  The art collection is now estimated to be worth north of $20,000,000 

This fast rising community is more than just aggregating valuable assets, The Billionaire Zombies Club from its inception voted to give 10% of derivative revenue from the collection to charity.  Toward that end BZC , is launching a 1 billionl token drop for all of its members and a group of affiliated charities on this year’s Giving Tuesday, November 30th.  

The BZC Collection initially sold for under $50 and now has a consistently rising floor of around $500 as of this writing. The highest sale to date registered at about $14,000 or 2.5 ETH at the time. Surprisingly out of the 10,000 pieces of art, less than 2,000 are listed for sale with a low end sale being a 10x return for investors in just a few weeks.

During a recent series of announcements, Billionaire Zombies Club announced an ambitious roadmap that includes a robust metaverse gaming platform being developed by Billionaire Zombies Club community members with significant development experience in building MMORPG and 3D gaming engines.  These recent additions to the core team of this project along with cryptocurrency experts, marketers, business developers,  and influencers, hope to create what is anticipated to be a legendary gaming and community experience in the metaverse.  

As with the cream of the crop of NFT projects, these unique pieces of non fungible token art actually represent more of a passport to a new digital reality rather than just something to look at or throw on a digital art display.  People in this community are buying into experiences and a technological future that they want to be a part of.