Nikita Dragun Faces Backlash After Using Deceased Trans Women To Promote New Song

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Nikita Dragun | Twitter

Nikita Dragun, a popular trans influencer, has recently been criticized for promoting her new song “D.I.C.K” by stamping the word across the faces of many trans women, including two late trans women Marsha P. Johnson and SOPHIE. Since dropping the video on Instagram and Twitter on Thursday, she has been facing immense backlash on both websites.

Many were upset that Dragun would stamp the word “Dick” across two late trans women, who are also two incredibly popular and recognized as two trans icons. Many were also upset that Dragun referred to herself as the first “trans pop star.” There are other trans artists out there, many were quick to point out. Twitter users felt as if claiming to be the “first trans popstar” was to erase other hard-working trans artists, and it was not only a false claim but a harmful one as well.

Dragun also reiterated that the song would never be released, and was instead just to promote the dress she was wearing. She notes that she got the whole internet mad over a pussystunt.” However, many people reminded Dragun that they were not upset with the song itself, or the dress, but were instead upset and angered over the disrespect towards other trans icons, especially trans icons who were deceased. Twitter user @hotsexygemini notes that “the fact that Nikita Dragun is putting the word “dick” over the eyes of trans women who lost their lives horribly to promote her stupid song is not only disturbing but downright fucking evil.” Another Twitter user, @twinkologian says “can u stop trying to disrespectfully capitalize off of the memories of our dead sisters cuz I guarantee whatever drama arises from this won’t work out how u think it will thank u.”


However, people were quick to note that people were not necessarily mad over the song, whether it not it would be released. Many were upset that Dragun used Trans icons who have since passed to her benefit, which many believed was disrespectful.

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