Nikita Dragun Reports She Was Almost Sued for Her 2018 Viral Video Calling Out Victoria’s Secret

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In 2018, Nikita Dragun released a video, that then went viral, as a response to the then chief marketing officer of Victoria’s Secret Ed Razek’s comments about trans models not being able to sell the “fantasy” like other runway models could do. The comment was an answer to the question of why Victoria Secret did not hire trans models. Dragun, a trans influencer, released a video of her in the iconic wings that Victoria’s Secret runway models walk in and in lingerie, proving that trans women could in fact sell the fantasy that Razek was referring to.

Victoria’s Secret’s Response

The video, which went viral on Twitter with 30 million views, had many people in discussion of the ethics of Victoria’s Secret and their fashion show. Recently, Dragun spoke of the company’s response in a podcast with Barstool Sports Bffs. She notes that while the video got a lot of positive responses, it also got hate as well. In fact, the brand attempted to sue Dragun for the video. She notes in the interview that Victoria’s Secret found the AirBNB that Dragun shot the video at and the owners of the house sued Dragun for publicizing the house. She notes that she then found out that it was Victoria’s Secret who was actually trying to sue her for a quarter of a million dollars. In the end, she notes that she was not sued because she posted it on Twitter and not on Youtube. She did not make any money from the video and paid for everything by herself because she felt this passionate about it.

Since this happened in 2o18, Razek has left the company. Victoria’s Secret also announced recently that VS angels will be replaced with VS collective, which will feature a more diverse cast of women. Instead of celebrating one body shape or one type of woman and will feature athletes, activists, and other people that celebrate the wide range of women’s bodies. In the end, Dragun never made the video to force Victoria’s Secret to change or eliminate their brand. Instead, she says she did it to prove a point that trans women can sell a fantasy.

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